Ways We Can Help


We can schedule a half hour or one hour consultation to answer all your questions. We like to take this opportunity to get to know you and your immigration plans.  We can help you understand the process, the pros and cons of different options, we can guide you in terms of timelines and give you insight into our own experiences with similar applications and scenarios to yours. We endeavour to cram as much information as possible into our consultations so that you have a much better understanding of the process when you leave our office.

We offer different options for consultations and we will make every effort to accommodate a time that works best for you and in a manner that works for you. While it is always best to meet in person, we understand that in many cases this won’t be possible. So, we can schedule a skype conference, a phone consultation or we can proceed simply by way of email.

Complete Service

This kind of service allows us to take over the entire process for you. We are your legal representative from beginning to end on the whole application. We prepare and submit all the required forms and documents to IRCC, we deal with all communications and further requests from IRCC and we endeavour to ensure that your application processes within appropriate time-frames. All you have to do is give us the information and documents that we need to do our work and we guide you through everything that is and may be required. 


In some circumstances we will review your application before you submit to IRCC. We understand that in many cases our clients may have completed an application or hope to complete the application themselves.  We also understand that you may have questions as you navigate the application forms and ultimately hope to have everything reviewed before submitting to avoid unnecessary delays if the application is incorrect. We also understand that legal costs may be prohibitive and so we believe that this is the next best option for our clients. 

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